App Data Goes Big

Publish Date: 2/25/2017 5:37 PM

Can App Data Go Big or Will it Pucker

We're gonna give this guy a paragraph tag. Yeehah!

Going Big Or Pucker. Go App Data Go!

A - Why are you in this book I'm writing?

Because you have sent these blasted teens to complicate my well laid plans. But, that's okay, because I can kill them now. I'm not limited by the prophecies anymore.

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Will This Work

Publish Date: 2/25/2017 3:31 PM

Working in App Data

I'm testing the ability to work in App Data. Native writeable folder.

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Ken Posting A Photo

Publish Date: 2/25/2017 3:21 PM

Photo Shoot

Ken at Sea

Ken at Sea

Look at the wonderful tan this man has.

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Mary Is Beautiful

Publish Date: 2/25/2017 2:16 PM

Mary is so Beautiful

Mary is the rose in my life.

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

I am head over hills

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